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Division 1 Personal Training is very excited to be a part of helping our community become healthier. Helping people to meet the goals which they have set out for themselves has pushed our team to continue to train hard, motivate, and help them find a new level of achievment. Whether its sports, or just a healthy body we are out to serve you. We cannot wait to meet you!

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Personal Training

Division 1 Personal Training is specialized in helping with healthier lifestyles and meeting fitness goals to produce positive results.  We have a structured one-on-one personal training program designed to motivate individuals with strength, cardiovascular, and weight loss objectives.  This includes:

  • Nutrition and dieting
  • Cardio training
  • Proper weight-lifting techniques
  • Core strengthening
  • Active lifestyles

We strive to provide expert training and physical fitness education for endurance building and motivating successful healthy habits.  Our workout programs identify key fitness components that match the individual's strength and endurance levels.  This allows the trainer to focus on those areas and ultimately achieving the individual's maximum potential. 


Our 24 day challenge

This class is sure to create great results in weight loss. The average in our 24 day challenge has ranged from 10-15 lbs. Awesome way to get back moving and reset that weight loss clock

24 day challenge